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March Real Estate Report Myrtle Beach

 Friends & ClientsWelcome to spring from Real Estate Modo! Quick follow up from last month’s note, for those of you that feared for my well being during our Adventure Race. We survived, 67

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February Real Estate Report Myrtle Beach With A Snake

  Friends & Clients,Hope you had a great weekend.  You won’t believe what happened to me this weekend!  Well you need a little back story first.  So a few months ago,

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Why Selling Your Home In 2018 Makes Sense

If the thought of selling your home has even crossed your mind, you may want to think about it a little harder. 2018 is shaping up to be another top performer. The inevitable question: why? Here are

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7 Reasons Trumps Tax Plan Is Good For Real Estate Investors

So full credit with this article to the author, who is given credit below within the content and not trying to get "political" here but some good insight with specific details on how the new tax

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