1 Percent Listings Are Here To Stay

Dated: 10/05/2017

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If you know anything about our brokerage, Real Estate Modo, you know that one of the HUGE keys to our business, and how we save our clients thousands of dollars when they are selling homes and condos, is our 4% listing commission structure. 

I am constantly researching trends across the country and most specifically what the most innovative and new tech brokerages are rolling out, mostly in larger markets. RedFin, a Seattle based public company, does not operate in our market here in Myrtle Beach, but they are taking the real estate world by storm.  Interesting article here where they just rolled out their "1% listing commission" in 18 new markets. 

Their 1% commission is exactly what we do, (its another way to say 4%) where the seller's broker only charges a 1% listing commission. The seller typically still offers a 2.5-3% buyer broker commission, so the seller effectively is still paying a 4% total commission, but vs the typical 6%, that is a BIG(33%) savings.

Bottom line....We have and will continue to bring this savings to our seller clients in Myrtle Beach and across the Grand Strand. Same service and marketing that you would get with the 6% listing commission with the other guys. 

Check out the article: https://www.housingwire.com/articles/41466-redfin-launches-widespread-expansion-of-1-listing-fee

Brian Piercy

Broker In Charge

Real Estate Modo

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