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Dated: 01/28/2018

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Why Pay a 1% Seller Side Commission When Selling Your Home?

In short, because you can and who doesn’t want to save money during the home selling process? This particular structure is taking the country by storm (check out Redfin’s success), and there is no reason sellers along the Grand Strand should miss out. There are a few questions we get on a consistent basis regarding this incredible opportunity: “How is that possible?”; “Why don’t other Realtors operate on this same structure?”; “What exactly do I get for this lower rate?” You have questions, we have answers.  

How is that possible? There is no law that requires an agency to charge a 3% seller side commission (like most do). Real Estate Modo offers sellers a 1% selling fee because we are changing the industry as we know it.  Real estate commission structures haven’t changed over the past 20+ years, but technology sure has.  Using the latest real estate online programs, phone apps, and technologies, it is now easier and faster to list and market properties for sale.  Likewise, it’s easier for potential buyers to view and short-list property searches with the push of a button.   

Why don’t other Realtors operate on this system? Real Estate Modo is not your standard brokerage; we are leading the trend here along the Grand Strand and surrounding areas.  Other brokerages may not be as nimble and furthermore have to cover various fixed costs.  With Real Estate Modo, you will receive personalized service throughout the buying or selling process with no hidden fees.  Everyone has a choice. Just because “it’s the way things have been done” does not mean it’s the way things always have to be!

What exactly do I get for this lower rate? Nothing less than you would with any other agency. Real Estate Modo operates with a concentrated commitment to providing homeowners a dynamic approach to marketing their home with top trending tools that get your home on the market and in front of buyers efficiently and effectively – so your property can generate interest out of the gate.   

If you want a more in depth description of our structure and why it works, watch this 2.5 minute video from our Broker, Brian Piercy: Why Not Four?

Want to talk about how we can get your home on the market? Call or email me today.

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